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October 11th 2024

Doors open 7pm. Show start 8pm.

WANTED is the nation’s number-one tribute band performing the music of BON JOVI. It's an incredible concert experience that captures the atmosphere, excitement, and fun of the arena rock anthems that can only be described as BON JOVI. Consisting of some of the Los Angeles music scene’s top musicians, WANTED re-creates the music of BON JOVI with the same energy, professionalism and spectacle as a real BON JOVI show. If you are looking for a great live band and a great concert experience, come see what critics and audiences have been raving about.




“We have always felt that the music of Bon Jovi has had a way of affecting people in an amazingly positive fashion, and the way that joy and happiness would virtually explode at a live Bon Jovi show was nothing short of amazing. It is, and always will be, our mission to do everything humanly possible to give that same experience to the concert goer and make them leave the venue that night feeling that they experienced a true “re-creation” of the Bon Jovi concert experience!"


"The greatest thing about doing this show is that we are true fans of this music and we get to be completely immersed into this incredible live experience! We can honestly say that at every gig we do, we can’t wait to get on stage and get that great vibe started. At a WANTED show, you will immediately see that this is a labor of love, and that we want everyone in attendance to have as much fun at the show as we do!

We hope to see you soon, and if we do, get ready for some great music, a great night out, and a BON-afide good time! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself”

– Jerry March, lead vocalist of WANTED

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