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February 14th 2025

Doors open 630pm. Show start 730pm.

The Drifters have a storied history filled with groundbreaking achievements. They were the first group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alongside luminaries like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan. Pioneering innovations such as incorporating string instruments into rhythm and blues music and achieving record-breaking sales with hits like "Up on the Roof" and "Under the Boardwalk" have solidified their place in music lore.

Beyond their musical prowess, the Drifters have left an indelible mark on the global stage, performing for presidents, world leaders, and cultural icons alike. From sold-out shows in Las Vegas to historic performances commemorating events like the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Drifters have been at the forefront of musical history for over five decades.




As they embark on their latest tour, the Drifters continue to honor their legacy while embracing new voices and fresh interpretations of their classic songs. With a track record of sold-out performances and a forthcoming tribute to the Great American Songbook, the Drifters invite audiences to join them in celebrating over 50 years of musical excellence and timeless entertainment. Get ready to welcome the Drifters to your town for a night of unforgettable music and memories that span generations.

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