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October 19th 2024

Doors open 7pm. Show start 8pm.

Dena Blizzard is One Funny Mother. She is a comedian and mother of three who’s risen to fame as a playwright, comedian, inventor and content creator. You may have seen her LIVE in her Off Broadway Show “One Funny Mother” or “My Name is NOT Mom” which toured 75 cities in North America in 2021/22. Her social media following has garnered her over 200M views worldwide…with her Back To School Rant and “Chardonnay Go” videos featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, Huff Post, Buzz Feed and more.





Dean Blizzard is a comedian, content creator and rising social media star. He’s co-hosted Miss America Preliminaries, won the Comedy Cabaret Comedy Contest in 2018 and is a Temple University graduate with a degree in Television and minor in Marketing, which his mom hopes will make him some money one day. He loves his mom, he never cleans his room and he loves to cuddle with dogs. His mom, who is gorgeous, might have written this because he never responds to her texts….and he’s single.

Diana Querubin has never been on stage before in her life. Frankly, she has no idea how she even got on this show. She can’t sing to save her life but can make homemade cannolis and pizzelles. She loves to talk about vegetables and she has a bi- monthly show on Facebook called “Wala: Cooking with Di” that has made her famous. She calls Dena a lot to discuss nonsense but acts like its super important, which Dena loves. (That’s a lie) She is looking forward to touring and handing out bags of snacks to random audience members.

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